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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!


Hello , Are you getting more orders after becoming pro seller ?


This is a question for the general forum.


Hello Paulmaplesden.
First Of all thanks a lot for writing the great Posts. I have read your 2 or 3 posts. it was just amazing.

I have one question now. How I can be of FIVERR PRO.



Here you go:

However, be aware that only around one in every hundred applicaions is successful.


Thanks @paulmaplesden I will go through this link. Hope so to become PRO member soon.


Hi @paulmaplesden

I have received an email with the title Welcome to Fiverr PRO! . It says that I need to setup a call with my Customer Success Manager in order to setup my first Pro Gig.

My question is, will I need to prepare myself for an interview or all is Ok I just need to relax and chat with the Manager?



What are the things that essential to be a PRO seller…??? (I have 501 reviews with 4.9 star)


Congratulations! You are over the hard part, so I would just relax and have a chat - the CSMs are good people, and as I recall, the chat is about advising you and how they can support you, rather than being an interview.


Here’s what Fiverr is looking for.


Last Question @paulmaplesden!

Can I please access my pro application? Its been 6 months and I don’t remember the exact details. I just need to see few details in there.



I don’t know if you can - I wouldn’t worry about it too much - just use the same approach and professionalism you displayed in the application in your chat, and you’ll do fine.


I’m curious, Paul. What it is like chatting with a real life Fiverr person? Do you have to sell yourself to them or do they call to try and sell Fiverr Pro to you?

Also, do they call or do they do things the cheap crackly Skype way?


After you are accepted it’s more of an orientation type thing more than anything else.

They don’t need to sell you the on Pro features, they are there to make sure you follow the guidelines so that your initial Pro offering is what’s it’s supposed to be.

And yes they contact you via skype/hangout.


Everything @frank_d said :wink:

I think the “selling yourself” bit is accomplished through applying and being accepted. My wife was recently accepted to Fiverr Pro (She’s a 10+ year freelancer) and didn’t need to “prove” herself in the conversation with the CSM (the application process is pretty substantial, and if you get through that successfully, you’re “in” without any further interviews etc needed.)

When she chatted with Josh (her CSM) after the application it was just talking through how to setup gigs, the assistance Fiverr can provide, advice on standing out, etc. After that I think it becomes an “I’m here if you need me” type of relationship, with occasional email contact seeking feedback etc.


What steps can I take to get my first order?



Thanks for the suggestion. I will read it completely and I hope it turns out to be good in my favor.


hey,can you help me to become fiverr pro? how can i proceed? let me easy way


i am created my account on fiverr 2 mnth ago but i have done only 2 order what can i do