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I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!



I think sometimes people think there is a magical formula one sprinkles on one’s gigs to get their search algorithm mojo working–a way to game the system without putting in the work.


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Hi Paul!

Great thread. I was hoping you could speak about your experience with the vetting process. I have a ton of credentials but no online presence outside the Fiverr world, and by the looks of it, that alone may prevent me from ever becoming pro verified. Is this solely what Fiverr focused on when vetting you or did they also take into account work history, credentials, experience, and the like?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, so they took all of the areas you mentioned into account.

My only real online presence was my (fairly extensive) portfolio website (that does well in search). I do not have any social media presence as a freelancer.


Hi Paul
Would you recommend me raising my rates to match the external pricing outside of Fiverr?


Gary, I think its worth experimenting with. My Fiverr prices are my external rates, plus 20%.


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Thanks for such a thorough and informative post!


Have you bought any course on fiverr learning?


Hi there, I am Salman Agha and New on Fiverr. I got my first order and completed perfectly and got 5 Start but the buyer paid $7 and I got only $4, though the order was of $5. Why fiverr did not pay $5 to me? please answer me



Hi Salman, that’s not a question for a Pro seller but one that a seller of any level should be able to answer because anyone who registers an account confirms that they agree to Fiverr’s Terms of Service (aka ToS), and the answer to your question is in there.

Currently, buyers pay a fee of $2 (for orders up to $40 = $2 in your case) or 5% (orders above $40) and sellers pay a fee of 20% (leaving you with $4 of $5). Fiverr needs money to pay for servers, staff and so on, after all.

I’d urgently recommend to read the terms of service (link in the footer of any main site page) in full, as you may get in trouble (account warning, ban) if you violate some term because you didn’t know of it.

The “Fiverr Seller/Buyer Help Center” (link on the main site, or just Google it) answers many basic questions as well.
The forum is more for questions that aren’t clear from any of that (it’s cluttered enough as it is ;)), for discussions, sharing experiences, etc.

Hope that helps. :four_leaf_clover:

P.S. (not in reply to Salman and this thread but generally for all forum threads)
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