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I am a FRAUD Seller


Every time i i think my experience with some buyer cant go wrong anymore. then i meet someone 10 times worst thn last one . this guy file a report against me saying m a fraud because he press modification button and it shows rejected! so he though i reject his work, so he wont get the work and i did it because it will not allow him to leave a review! so lets see who can bid this guy as a worst buyer and become the new one in my life !


I’m sorry this happened to you. I feel your pain. Recently had very similar experience. Your buyer’s claims won’t get him far with Customer Support. You should also contact CS and tell your side of story.


yes! i did report to CS as well! I can not have a account warning for people misunderstanding the system, thats sad


really sorry for hare that i have experienced like that after one month complete order buyer back and tell to make another correction. But this situation we have nothing to do. bor. @carolina_mateus


Definitely update us on this.

Some buyers go 0 to 100 about the dumbest things… All he had to do was ask. All he had to do was pay attention to the system. Forget that, all he had to do was ask if he needed clarification on what “rejected” actually means. But no, you’re entitled and can’t ever be wrong. Just crazy.


That’s right. Sometimes people don’t understand how things work or why order is showing “rejected” but that doesn’t mean you go full crazy. Simply asking what is going on is enough. But I don’t feel this guy is unaware of what is going on. He very clearly knows how system works. Its really weird that someone who found way to contact CS is unaware of order status.


I agree that this stinks as if he wants free work. There is no reason for this show of outrage other than to try to scare you. I am so sorry you have to deal with this but customer support won’t do what he wants.

You have so many amazingly great reviews. This is someone trying to pull something.


well, he did not give any rating! as you can see the order was on revision! and i actually never ask any buyer to give me any kinda rating! its up to them! he might thought i took his money and reject it , that how he can not leave a review.
or he might just those kind of buyers always try to get free work by blaming seller!
so I have contacted Cs and ask to refund that person! i believe no one want to work with those kind of people!


So maybe he didn’t understand when he saw the word “rejected.”

Not sure what he was so mad about though.


I feel really sorry. It’s malevolence at its finest. Make sure that CS has all the elements to evaluate the behaviour of that individual.


Bad idea - against forum rules apart from anything else.

The OP has done everything right by the looks of it. :slightly_smiling_face:


yes, i agree with you! its against the rules! i hope CS will read the whole conversation , and take a proper step!
i know , they might just cancel the order, technically they cant do much though!


If you think that cause needs Fiverr staff’s attention you need to open a Ticket on support, Fiverr staffs usually don’t look at forum discussions (unless flagged/reported ) :slight_smile:


I know how was that feeling.I also have same like this.I contact and asked for remove my review from CS.Using fiveer like this people is big trouble.I also think best thing is requesting from CS.


i did not mean the conversation from here ! i meant to say the conversation between me and that client in our order page


I’ve been on Fiverr for 5 years and this is the first time I’ve encountered a seller calling themselves a fraud holy cow lol


we all know what CS will reply! just to update here is the same template Cs sent

"Thank you for contacting us regarding your order.

I am truly sorry to hear about your experience. I canceled it for you and also asked our Trust & Safety team to review the buyer’s behavior on Fiverr. Please note that due to our Privacy Policy, we will not be able to share any details about the buyer or the actions taken"


This type of buyers is the online version of “I want to see the manager” customers.




Carolina - This one takes the cake. I’m sorry you have to endure this. While it sounds difficult, try not to take it personally. People say and do weird things. As you’ve seen in the forum, so many sellers have to contend with wacky buyers. Even though I am super specific about a gig, I still have Buyers place an order then ask for wayyy more than what they ordered. Because, why? They think they can get a way with it. I hope that CS takes care of this. Sending you a big hug. ~Lisa