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I am a level 1 seller, but when i commented in fiverr forum i got a cow instead of level 1


I am a level 1 seller right now, however i am new to fiverr forum.

When i commented on something, i saw other comments are having their level badge by the side of their name but my comment is showing a cow next to my name.

Someone please explain this to me.


Thats a ship and not a cow, you have to wait few days and the 1 level budget will appear.

It happens that way sometimes but will change over to show level 1 badges at some point.
It may very well be a ship, also known as a sheep.

A ship with legs could be excellent for travel in and out of water, so regardless, it’s an excellent badge although probably not a great budget. :wink: Though, as @misscrystal said, it’s technically a sheep and it will change eventually but it could take anywhere from hours to weeks. The forum is a bit glitchy with badges.

Haha thanks everyone.

Reply to @solow13: really a ship? Looks like a cow to me too.