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I am a level 2 seller and I have almost six active gigs but only getting order on one gig


Hello there, I am level two seller and have six gigs active but getting order only on one. What might be the reason behind it and how can I make others gigs active so I can it get order on it


Hey there flippa! I’m still quite new to Fiverr but perhaps it’s an idea to point out to customers to check out your other gigs aswell!

You can also use your profile summary for this :slight_smile:

And let someone else review your gigs for spelling.


Yes that happens to me too. For a while my two best gigs were shown a lot, but now it’s my smaller gigs which get more sales.

I hope for some good answers to this question.


What do you mean with “shown a lot” ? Do you mean the gigs are randomly picked to show up?

AFAIK you can use the tags in your gigs to come up more easily in searches and then of course any other filters come in that the buyers might choose (relevance, reviews, delivery time, etc).

Perhaps I’m missing some vital information so please enlighten me! :slight_smile:

Btw: Congratulations with your cake day! :wink:


This is not any issue if you have 6 gig and you get order in only single gig.

That means your one gig ranking higher in fiverr so you get orders, so promote your another gigs also, you will be definitely get orders

Patience is a Key of Success in Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Just 1 month ago on Glass Door I saw that Fiverr was seeking to fill the position of Category Manager. I’m hoping that a new CM will improve the rotation of Gigs in my category which appears to have stalled the last 6 months.


I think the answer is clear from your profile.
You mention you are an experienced and successful Flippa seller and your best gig offers something specifically about that. It seems like a very good offer from someone who knows what they are doing.
In contrast, your other gigs do not seem to be linked to your expertise so you are not as attractive to buyers for those. Now that you have sales, reviews, etc on that gig, all that counts towards upping your results ranking and so it is likely that sales on that will continue.
I suggest:

  • exploring options for other gigs related to selling on Flippa. You have some good extras, consider creating gigs specifically for them as well as offering them as extras.
  • considering changing your profile description to include something about your other skills. Be careful though, you don’t want to hurt your best gig’s rankings either.


Dear Flippa:

I would second Eoin’s excellent points by sharing this link with you:

Good luck,


Hey. Thanks man ! I got my mistake.


Point to be noted . I am going to update my profile soon. Thanks