I am a Level 2 seller and need a little help getting more orders


I need some advice on where to advertise or really any advice at all.

I have been making a good living off of working full time on fiverr and would like to continue.

In the progress of getting my site up, should I make a fiverr exclusive page to try and get top seller?


If you are making a good living you are already doing more than many. I would suggest putting some additional effort into your current gigs first to bring your rating up. Although 95% should be considered quite good, Fiverr unfortunately doesn’t see it that way and especially if it drops any further at all. You need quite a number of 5 star ratings to get that up higher. You don’t have to be at 100% to get TRS according to others I’ve seen post, but you’ve got to keep it pretty close to that. You also might want to freshen your gig descriptions and consider updating your gig images and adding videos. I saw at least one of your gig descriptions stating that you are level 1 even though you are now level 2.

I can’t answer about your exclusive page, maybe someone who is already TRS can say if that would help. I doubt that every TRS has a separate Fiverr exclusive web page. What you will probably get in response is a few sellers telling you that you must have one and that they will be glad to design it starting at $5. :wink:


Yeah, I’ve had some VERY unfortunate reviews due to some neglect upon initially ordering my gig. So I had to reword EVERYTHING to avoid killing my rating further.

I just recently got Level 2 within the past couple of days, so I am working on reworking the gigs in the next day or so.

I’m sure they will but unfortunate for them, if they are reading this, I do web design. Some good stuff at that, from what I’ve been told.

Thank you so much for your speedy response and I look forward to the next few!!