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I am a level 2 seller but suddenly the sales dropped!

I am a level 2 seller, I have been selling for over a year and I did get regular orders, but now suddenly there is no order for more than a week!
I have no idea where I went wrong, I have 98% rating. Any help?

Well, everything has it’s ups and downs. If there is a specific problem, try to figure it out.
If not, advertise on social media, promote yourself (Or buy a gig that promotes you), and you will be up and running again!

same problem with me, no orders

The most important thing is your placement in Avg. Customer Reviews. I had a gig that used to be in the first reviews of that section, it isn’t anymore. My sales have dropped tremendously. I’ve discovered that a lot of buyers value that section over Relevance, New, etc,

You have to promote out fiverr.
Fiverr not a magic box, a lot of rivalry between you and other sellers

I find every business can have a slump–especially in the summer–when people are potentially on vacation. Hopefully sales pick back up, Fatima!

same problem is getting with me please give us a genuine solution, i tried everything do social media marketing, changing with my gigs, drooping my prices but not getting any orders yet :frowning: anyone can help?

This happened with me when I hit level 2. Don’t worry about it. After a couple of weeks things picked up for me, and Now I’m making a lot more! Enjoy the break before the flood!