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I Am A Level Two Seller and Fiverr Changed My Gig's Category And Now I Am Not Getting Any Order

Hello Everyone, now i am a Level Two Seller in Fiverr, my experience in Fiverr is Really good but before becoming Level 2 seller, my gig’s Category was ‘Lifestyle’ and subcategory was ‘Viral Videos’.

After becoming level 2 seller fiverr suddenly changed my Gig category from’ Lifestyle’ to ‘Video & Animation’ and subcategory from ‘Viral Videos’ to ‘Lyric & Music videos’ . The gig i provide has nothing to di with this category and subcategory and i am not getting any order, i wanted to change my Gig category but fiverr team said they can’t do that.

What should i do now? Even after being a Level 2 seller i am not even getting a single order just bacause my Gig category have been changed.

Can anybody tell me what should i do to change to gig category to normal?

Your profile says you made a delivery 12 hours ago. Do you mean you have nothing new in your queue? Your dance video is great, and I’m somewhat surprised the pricing is that low. I don’t know this category, though, so don’t take my word for it without looking into other pricing ranges. The only thing I can offer is a comment that the English could use a bit of touching up, and a caution that Fiverr crops images in thumbnails, so you might want to look at the gigs through your profile to check on that. Maybe get a video for your other gig, too?

(Two unrelated things, this thread should probably be in the FAQ category, and mods don’t like it when you post on old threads (your other post).)

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I can confirm that Fiverr changing a gigs category usually kills sales. It has happened to several of my previously best selling gigs.

I am not sure about this. However, I think I read that if you pause your gig, you can change the gig category while it is paused and unpause it afterward. This may not work but might be worth a try.


My basic price was 45$ and people were happy to pay me that because they were having high quality service but as i moved to a different category and suddenly the orders are stopped!. No more new orders where coming that’s why i decided tk make the price very low so that people can easily purchase the gig but i don’t think that it is giving me a good result.

Thank you for this information, i will definitely try it.

I tried that option but its not working with my main gig, the other gigs i have which doesn’t have any ratings yet can be changed.