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I am a Neurologist and internal medicine doctor

Hello everyone

I am a Neurologist from Thailand.
I am new seller in fiverr .
I can help you in personal medical and neurological consultation online .
Please do not hesitate to contact me .

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Welcome to Fiverr! Interesting service!

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Thank you very much .
Please do not hesitate to contact me when you need .

Awesome! Great to have you here. I will let my aunt know as she can not visit the hospital due to Covid-19. There’s nithing better than seeing the medical community joining the gang! I know a lot of us have numerous questions when it comes to health matters and for sure a site like would prove so beneficial for societies as knowing more about HIV will allow us to advance in the fight against it! I had friends who got it discovered too late to take medication and leave normally and I’m extremely sensible to the matter since then.