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I am a new at Fiverr Nedd some suggesetions


I have a & 7 gigs in my Fiverr account and I am struggling for order not getting order regularly.
I want to mention some issues

  1. I created my account in 2017 and in the meantime, I am not active. some time I access my this time tow buyer inbox me but I don’t see this. Is there any issue with activating or online me. for not getting order regularly?
  2. My gig is on WordPress and Fiverr have so many WordPress developers so is this a reason for not getting the order?

Need Expert Suggestion.


1st check your emails regularly as the order and inbox messages also delevered there along with notifications tab and fiverr inbox if those are just messages.
2dn to get more orders you need to improve your Gig display as well as Gig description and extra what you can offer.
3rd when bidding the message should be clear and precise and relevant to what your buyer has demanded and not story telling format. Tell your buyer about your expertise and do not exaggerate about your work.
4th only bid on the order if you think you can successfully complete it. If you think you can’t, straightway say I don’t think I can do it, this will save your client’s and your time as well as his money and you being getting embarrassed. Best of luck!


There are a ton of WP developers, but I wouldn’t say it’s so over saturated that you can’t get a single order.
The 3 key components are

  • portfolio showcasing your best work
  • value that you can offer
  • credibility (combination of knowledge & experience)

You need help with all 3 of these

  • you have a very limited portfolio. You have stock photos / templates
  • you don’t really explain the value you can add to a business. You’re focusing too much on what you will do.
  • when it comes to credibility then the first thing I noticed is that you’re offering Bridge theme which is about $59 while your premium gig is $30. Either you have misunderstood the license or the client is getting stolen goods. Also you’re offering unlimited revisions which usually means either you’re desperate or you’re not really good at what you do.