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I am a new designer at

I create a gig and also done gig image off page SEO, But It can not seen google search. I publish gig 4 hours ago last. but I can not seen google search when I search with My gig Title. Where is the problem can any tell me ???


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Give it 24 hours.

Is it active here? (Click the “Check your Gig status” link in the article.)

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Welcome to fiverr brother. Nothing is problem. Wait 24-72 hours after that your gig will show in search result automatically.

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Thank you for your response

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Am I reading this right, or is there a breakdown of communication here?

You published a gig just hours ago and wonder why it’s not on Google yet?

Is that right?

If yes, the problem is that your expectations need to align more with reality.

What did you think would happen? You publish your gig, go straight to number one on Google in ten minutes, then wake tomorrow with 1,000 orders in your inbox and an email from Fiverr’s CEO congratulating you on being freelancer of the year?

I want haha emoji next to post :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: BTW well said brother.

No dear, actually i dont know how many times or days need to index, i am extremely sorry for that question, pls kindly considered me, i want your love not funny, i am so helpless this time, if u can pls help me dear, a hungry man can realize suffer, so its my struggle, hope that you understand, finally I extremely sorrry that question, good dear, take safe and better life

Don’t call people dear, and don’t say “plz” is all I’ll add to this.

Hey welcome to the community…

welcome to the fiverr community

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