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I am a new disappointed client..

I am a new client of Fiverr and I made my first agreement with one of the freelancers and I came out very very disappointed and with a heavy feeling of waste and money throwing, how do I handle such an event?


I’m so sorry that you have had this experience. Did you let the seller know you were not happy? There is a resolution center to help with these sorts of problems too. There are some amazing sellers on Fiverr so please don’t be put off by this one experience.


The first step would be to request a revision. You can do it by chosing “No” when fiverr asks you if you are ready to accept the delivery.
Perhaps there was a miscommunication and the seller would fix everything for you.

If that doesn’t work or the result you got is beyond saving, you can request a cancellation via resolution center.
Seller then can accept your request and your funds will be returned to your fiverr balance.

If seller is refusing your cancellation with no good reason, you can contact customer support and they will cancel it for you.

However keep in mind that poor quality is not a reason to cancel, according to the terms of service, as long as there was no false advertisement. But the CS tends to overlook this rule and still side with the buyer.


We are extremely sorry for that kind of experience at Fiverr. I’m a seller on Fiverr. I always try to understand and fillup the client’s requirements. After completing each work of clients I ask my clients Is it ok? or Do you need any revision? If there is something that needs to be revised then I do that.

So, @golanprofit if you need any modification in this work you can ask. On the other, if you think the seller has not the skill for your work you can definitely go to the resolution center for the Order Cancellation.

It happens, it is like a blind date, so the pain is proportionate to the amount you lost. I can understand, how you feel for that cheated feeling. As a seller, we recommend clients to take time to assess the vendor and use fiverr support to get justice, as well this will help the platform to be more reliable.

you can ask for a full refund, however, giving the seller an other opportunity to fix stuff for you will be less expensive also before choosing a seller on Fiverr make sure to look in the badges on the sellers profile page :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your help, is the money I transferred through fiverr already in the freelancer’s pocket? And if so how do I demand my money back, it’s very difficult to get to fiverr support by phone or email to get the option to explain the situation and get assistance.

I’m really sorry for this bad experience

Fiverr holds the payment in escrow until the order is marked complete by the buyer, or it can autocomplete after 3 days. Once the order is complete, the seller must wait 14 days before the money clears and they have access to it.

You can email CS at It will take them a bit of time to get back to you. In the meantime, you can choose not to accept the order or you can ask for revisions as others have suggested.

Not yet
You can cancel order and get your money back any time you wish to

It is not that easy. In my experience when a buyer has gone to CS and asked to cancel, and I in turn have gone to CS and said I do not want to cancel, then CS will tell us both to work it out. Sometimes it is difficult to cancel if the seller will not agree to cancel.

As others have said in this thread. The TOS says if the seller provides what they say they will in their gig but the buyer is not happy with the quality it is not grounds for cancellation. Although, I do agree with @alyonagrapie :point_down:t2:that this also can happen.

Thank you for your answer, the point is that I am very, very unhappy but I may not know enough what is considered a logical result I paid $368 (300 to the freelancer) and the rest to Fiverr and I got promised to a wonderful promotional campaign bout in practice I got maybe 11 clicks and nothing more and even I that don’t know much about promotion I would have brought a much better result for 200 dollar, Did The Freelancer get his money from Fiverr without my confirming to my satisfaction?

If your seller guaranteed a certain number of clicks and you only got 11, then you may beable to send CS screenshots showing that the seller was deceptive.

The seller did not get his money unless you approved the order. If you did not and do not accept the order then the seller can not get his money.

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oops its really sad to listen, you should contact customer support and hope you will get back your amount.

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