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I am a new fever user I am worried about gig building

I dont know how to seo my gig pic. How to find the best keywords for my gig.

If you need to resize your pic for your gig, you can do so in a Microsoft Paint program. As for keywords, it would help if you shared with us what you plan on selling in your gig.

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@jnmorgan Thanks a lot! i am planning for design selling. I am afull stack developer and my prime interest is on user interface. i love fixing all kind of front end issues like, css, html, jquery,javascript and i can fix them in any platform (php, wordpress,shopify, etc…) .

@eagleseye Oh my, yeah I know absolutely nothing about any of those things. CSS sounds like it’d be a videogame or maybe a crime scene television show. It’s great that you have such passion in it, for sure, and if you can reflect that in your gig then I’m sure it’d help encourage potential buyers to give you a try. I also suggest intentionally putting your prices a bit low to encourage them to give you a shot. Getting 5-star reviews and proving your worth to buyers can help to encourage NEW buyers to hire you but also, arguably more importantly, if can earn you repeat buyers if you do a good enjoy job and ensure that they’re happy with the finished product.

Anyways, I can’t help with the keyword stuff because I have no idea about what you’re selling but I wish you luck in your entrepreneurial venture!

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@jnmorgan Its ok. Thanks for your reply. Wish you best of luck!

Thanks for your advice. I’ll try to follow these things. I agree with you.

In your case tags aren’t really the problem.
You need rethink your offerings.

  • Don’t mix and match - create one gig for fixes and another for website creation. Don’t add them under one single gig. It’s confusing and the pricing is a bit misleading.
  • Focus on your target audience - the gig description has a ton of technical jargon that most people won’t understand. Create one gig for resellers/white label market and a separate gig for an average Joe looking for a simple website.
  • Don’t offer unlimited revisions - it has been discussed multiple times so I won’t bother to repeat it. You’re not a newbie, act like a professional and value your time.
  • Update your portfolio - 1 stock photo is not enough. Add custom designs or even better, make a video.
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Thanks @uxreview for your advice .
I got it. Its really helpful and i’ll try to maintain this. I am going to edit my gig.
Really so nice of you.

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