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I am a new freelancer at fiverr, need some advice about gigs and order

Hello, everyone, I am a graphic designer in Fiverr. So around 1 month ago I got my first order in Fiverr to design a band logo, and I am very happy that I got my first order in Fiverr. but after that, I didn’t get any order although I always improve my gigs, pricing, and description.

So, I need your help to everyone that already successfully becoming a seller in Fiver to give me some advice, is my gigs are good and can I get many impression by doing that? What should I improve and remove to get more order in Fiverr, Thank you :slight_smile:

You can check it here My Account



There are a lot, A LOT of sellers offering the services you’re offering, so I’ll suggest you try to think of something unique that you can offer.

Your gigs might be perfect in every way but as long as you don’t make yourself stand apart from the rest you’ll have to struggle a lot to keep getting work.


Thank you so much for your advice! @aprampar Yes, maybe I should think outside of the box and different from the other graphic designers to make this out

Maybe you can think of adding a new gig that is not yet offered

Thank you for your suggest @amazingdindin11 :slight_smile: yes I will add one more gigs later, because right now my head doesnt have a new inspiration, so for now I just focus to make my gigs better.