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I am A New Freelancer Just seeking to help my father with money

Hello guys, i am new here… i joined the site because of our financial condition and also to help peoples by my talent… i am a writer and a transcriptionist.

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Welcome! Wishing you success and prosperity :slight_smile:


You should create your gig. if your gig is interesting and useful, the luck will come with you.
Just come to main page – login - selling — gigs to start sell your skills.
Best wishes to you!

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Thank you Soo much :slight_smile:

Thank you soo very much for the tips :slight_smile:


you are most welcome to the fiverr comunity :open_umbrella::gift:

You gave him an umbrella as a welcome gift? :slight_smile:

Welcome, princy. Good luck with you freelancing! I’ve just scratched the surface and it’s already been a blast.

As my welcome gift… You may have my mouth. :no_mouth: mmmmmhhhmmm mmmmm

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you are welcome to the fiverr. Do the best with your talent. treat your clients well and do your job best. good luck!!!:+1:

I’m wishing you all the best…!!! Best of Luck…!!!

its my pleasure,

Wishing you all the success and prosperity… :grinning:

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