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I am a new in fiverr

I am new in Fiverr. my gig has no imprisoned. give me some tips, please


Welcome :slight_smile: . There are plenty of suggestions and posts regarding increase sales and gigs improvement on the forum. Here is one!

The same with me…pls help! tnks…

Create your own topic here for 1-on-1 attention. This thread is all about the OP, not you.

Did the OP say imprisoned? I’m sorry but that cracked me up!

Okay, I believe you mean improved. Search for UPYOUR here on the forum, the knowledge therein would do you lots of good.

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LOL, now that you’ve mentioned it. :smiley:
I didn’t see that, I guess 'cause I’m still sleepwalking. :zombie: :coffee:

Could mean impression. :thinking:

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Yes, you’re correct. Impressions does fit right in.

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So am I! Welcome

As a new seller you should send buyer requests as much as possible that is the best way to earn impressions and clicks to your gig.

Welcome on fiverr since new seller is difficult to getting order you need to bring a new thing on fiverr try different things and you should work hard i hope you will get order soon

Things to do:slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Send buyer request daily
    2.share your gig daily on social media .
    3.must add vedio.
    4 .check your search tag …it must be accurate