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I am a new in this community

Hi, everyone how are you doing? I am a new seller in this community. Hopefully, will learn more advanced Tricks from experts here, Thanks all

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These are my suggestions for your gig:

Gig: I will do lead generation and blameless data entry
In all 3 packages “targetet leads” could be “targeted leads”

Also in the Premium package title “TERGETET” could be “TARGETED”.

In the gig description “please massege us” could be “Please message us” or “Please message me”.
“plecing tha order” could be “placing the order”

Also in the gig title maybe change “and blameless data entry”. Maybe you mean “and flawless data entry” or “and accurate data entry” or something.

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Welcome to our community, You must learn about the terms & conditions of our community to get maximum benefit.
Thank you!

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Thanks for your good feedback.