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I am a new man brother someone helps me

Hello, My name is Shawon, I’m a new seller and I know that for every new individuals sending Buyer Request on a regular basics is a very important part. So i’m doing it, but now getting no any reply from buyers. I don’t know what the problem is. Can anyone help me?


Sending buyer requests is not important. Having good gigs, showcasing your skills properly and having good communication is important. And never call anyone brother in a professional setting.


^This is right.

While BR are a thing you can try your hand at, most are so poorly presented as to be un-pitchable, therefore unwinnable - or if you did win you will find yourself in a nasty spot with a customer who is either clueless or deliberately trying to bleed you. Either way you lose. So while BR can be ok, the odds of even finding one that is worth applying for are low. Before 30 idiots have muddied the waters with gibberish proposals like:

So my brother, i is be good very this you love my excellent infinite revision. knock me the best tomorrow $5

As advised, be sure to keep all language on a professional business footing. Unless you have an established relationship with a person, do not call them Sir, Dear, Brother, Bro, Dude… or you are saying that you have poor communication skills; if not actually trying to make it appear that you have a level of intimacy that you do not which is Ingratiating and makes you appear untrustworthy or plain creepy. There is a recent thread here all about this if you wish to understand it better.


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what kind of help do you want?

You can read buyer Request carefully. Note important part then question about this .

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welcome brother. wish you all the best :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Brother, I do not understand what to write a buyer request

Brother, I do not understand what to write a buyer request.
Thank you

welcome to fiverr forum shawon :heart_eyes:

thank you so much rohan bro

I got one good buyer on BR even tipped me 20$ for a 30$ work. So I think there is still some good ethical buyers. They probably checks your gig first to cauge your seriousness, skills etc… so work on that gig images, descriptions.