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I am a new member on fiverr, Help me in get my first order

Hello, I am Jaimin Modi from India. I am a Logo Maker. During this pandemic I am trying to put my Loo Making skills into use in fiverr and make something out of it.
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Try to share your gig in social media, and try to active always fiverr.


You should spend more time with Fiverr and send buyer requests carefully as per the buyer’s requirements with samples. Also, spend time reading different topics in this forum. Hopefully, you will get an order soon. Patience is the main key to success.


Thanks for your suggestion. Thanks for take interest in my podcast.
I will work on your suggestion.

You should spend more time on fibre and share your gig on social media, I wish your happy freelancing life.

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My best advice is:

  1. Be patient, this is a long term process
  2. Try to see and inverstigate what are your customer´s needs
  3. Help the community.
  4. Stay in the buyer requests zone from time to time applying for multiple offers.
  5. Promote your gigs on social media (Instagram, Facebook etc…).
  6. Improve your profile.