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I am a new seller and doesn't get even a single order

i have just join the fiverr site and doesn’t get even a single order. how do i can increase my rating and how can i go away from basic user. please help me. i have posted 2 gigs. Have very few click although i have really good cammand on programming. this is my link:

Hello Fawad,
I just visited your profile. You need to optimize your profile in a better way. Add more than 2 gigs. You can add 7 gigs as a new seller. There are millions of advises from old sellers in tips for sellers. Read them and get improved. Good Luck! :smiley:


my gig is 1st page on search results & I am also a level 1 seller still now I dont get a single order :tired_face::zipper_mouth_face::disappointed_relieved:


i understand your situation! but you don’t need to lose hope keep promoting your gig in social media and send buyer request as fiverr is dynamic market place so each user shown different search result it depend on various factors like review, responce rate, etc… so no need to upset just wait and see you will get ordder :slight_smile: good luck!

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Its not an easy task to get an order immediately.
But you can follow the expert tips from this forum, There are a lot of tips here, please take time and read out these at first

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Same here.
I am not getting a single order in this month.
But i am confident that i will get :wink:


Non of my gigs are appeared in search results.

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Same here, my gig is also not visible in the search

Hi miriam, it is a bit difficult for new sellers to get order but you should be thankful that you got your gig displayed on the very 1st page(and this thing doesn’t happen with many). you must be having good knowledge of seo.

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thankyou so much… really appreciated…

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same here.
i have not getting a single order in this month also.
am also confident that i will get

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