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I am a New Seller and have NO ORDERS yet! HELP ME to get orders on my gigs

I am qualified in my field SEO-search engine optimization and writng articles.
But I am a freshner in Fiverr.May be for that reason I have not receive any orders yet unfortunately.
I have sent offers for buyer requests.But I have not try all 10 buyer requests daily because most of the active buyer requests are from sellers. :slight_smile:
So I thought of sharing it through forum to get some help to get some orders.

I will be very much obliged if you can kindly furnish me with the following details.

  1. How to promote my gig not violating Fiverr;s T&Qs.
  2. How to get orders to my gig?
  3. How can I use forum to promote my gig?

Thank you very much!!


Any help please?

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try promoting off fiverr aswel its realy help too

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Try promoting your gig(s) on social media (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, etc… According to Fiverr, promoted gigs are 3 times more likely to sell!Hope this helps :slight_smile:


My Same problems . Thanks All :slight_smile:

Thank You !

I have the same problem. I tried to promote my gigs on fb and instagram, but there is no a big effect until now.

Try to promote social media and send buyer 10 request everyday.

It depends upon where you promote. Like if you post your gigs in facebook groups having atleast 20K members, it will drive you a lot views. though orders depend upon how much viewers are interested in your gig.


According to Fiverr, promoted gigs are 3 times more likely to sell!

Im too

That’s Cool. As every one suggest to share your gig.
You can promote your gig on facebook , Twitter, Quara, google+, Reddit

I’ve found having more gigs really help, for example I illustrate kids books (mostly) but instead of having one gig just for that I have 3 for the 3 different styles I do, think about if there’s any way to break your gig up into two or more smaller gigs. This should make it easier to find, someone might want a watercolor kids book illustration so they type in “watercolor illustration” my normal kids book gig would likely not come up in the results but my watercolor kids book gig will :slight_smile:

Also I’ve realized the tags are not even close to as important as your title so when thinking of the title for your gig think about what people would be typing to find it, instead of trying to have a clever or funny title.

One last tip, proofread everything, grammar and spelling mistakes look really bad on a gig, and clients will most likely see you as unprofessional. Ask friends or family to read over it too, it’s very easy to read something multiple times and still not notice you typed “the” twice.

Hope that helps
-Minette :slight_smile:


I think part of the problem is that your new gig is the exact same thing that literally hundreds of people who are all rated are already doing. Switch it up a bit, if you know SEO search for a niche that you know you can perform well and build from there.

Welcome to Fiverr first of all! :slight_smile:
The best possible way to get orders will be to apply on buyer requests.
You need good reviews so that buyers can trust you nad order your gig. So, offer your gig for a low price while applying on Buyer Requests. I’m sure it’s going to help.

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I have the same problem. Only 2 sales in 2 months. I send more than 10 BR everyday. But nobody wants to work with a newbie!
But I’m not going to give up.
P.S. sorry for my terrible english

We have all started with zero sales and grew from there. You will also find that some buyers will prefer to work with newbies as they are sure to have the best service, so this is your answer: overdeliver even if you don´t make any profit until you have a few positive reviews (and continue to over deliver). You have just joined in April and have 2 positive reviews, it´s a good start, I don’t mean an excellent start, but it took me much longer than that to get my first sale. So continue answering your 10 BRs a day and promote your gigs. Hope this helps - John :slight_smile:


Try buyer request option and you can send 10 request each day it definitely works

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I promote the 500 link on facebook community every day. Providing multiple conversions. I do not work full fiverr. Because I have a job offline in the office.

Hope it helps you

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gracias Minette