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I am a new seller and how will i rank my gig

I am a graphic designer and i want to know that how can i rank my gig and get my first order .
please comment below to teach me the way .

Thank you


Every time online and sent request then you will get order very soon.

Your can do proper keyword research and create SEO optimize gig, and add multiple keyword on you gig title

do seo for your gig, optimize your title

Welcome to fiverr. :grinning:

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Wellcome at fiverr, I think you should do proper SEO of your gigs and keyword research. you can read articles here at fiverr forum which tell you how you can do all of these things on fiverr. i am also graphic designer and i always make sure what is client’s demand and need.

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Welcome! Never don’t hopeless.

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how can you send requests? and where exactly?

You can do few things in order to get orders initially.

  1. Always stay available or online
  2. Send professionally written offers on buyers requests.
  3. Keep your response rate good. <1hr
  4. Once you get the order be honest with buyer, deliver on time, and get good feedback. This will help you in ranking your website and prove yourself.

Best of luck!