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I am a new Seller and I dont find nothing in Buyer Requests


I joined Fiverr a month ago , I don’t get any job until now , Also when I check Buyer Requests , always I empty !
is that because I am a new one ?
I want to know how to improve my clicks and get jobs!
that’s my profile
thank you


Welcome on Forum check:


Thank you so much , I will check it right now


You need to remove the shortened link from your gig description as that is not allowed on Fiverr.


I keep it full link or I don’t add any link?
it’s link of a youtube videos.
this just to make the buyer choose from me more options , I saw many doing like that .
thank you


This is a list of approved links: - Just scroll to the bottom of the page.


Great , there is " " so I will do the link directly without short link
thank you


Hello there

Firstly, congratulations for been part of the family. If I could remember vividly, about 2 years ago that I joined this innovative platform. It was quite challenging and felt like given up until my girl friend encouraged me to keep pushing hard, which I actually did and it is a testimony today.

So many things as changed on this platform but to tell you the truth, the more the system goes tough, you try hard to be aggressive with your marketing too.

My candid advice for you friend is to double your online present, aggressive marketing, deliver on time and maintain positive rating.

Going by all this aforementioned, you’re good to go.



Thank you so much for your advice :smiley:
I hope all the best for you too :wink:
I hope that too
Best Regards