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I am a new seller, but no order

I would like you to guide me and give me the best ways to sell my first gig and get lots reviews.


that’s typical, I’ve been selling for a month and only got one order. just be patient, improve your profile, and definitely check the buyer requests section :slight_smile:


Thanks alot dear Brenna.

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The “best ways” that work to sell your gig and earn “lots [of] reviews”, are whatever appeals to your target customers, and convinces them to hire you instead of someone else. There are no steps that we can tell you that guarantee sales. Learn who your customers are, study their needs, and figure out how you can solve those needs.


Hey there, my name is Hicham, I’m a professional voice actor with 7 years of experience as a freelancer in producing English and Arabic Voice Over . I’ve collaborated on audiobooks, commercials, Educational, promotional videos, e-learning courses, Internet Videos, Documentaries,

I’m an experienced video producer/editor.

The above is copied from your profile description but you don’t have a gig for these services.

Suggest you make gigs for what you are promoting as professional services that you are able to provide.

This may be helpful to you: