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I am a new seller help me

Hi everyone,
I am a new seller,I had so many hopes when i came to fiver.I also has trending gigs to offer but still i am not getting any orders.And fiver impression is not working so i couldn’t know if anyone has seen my gig or not.If anyone is patient enough to look at my profile and tell me if there is any problem it would be a big help.

My gig link :


Hi there…,

You need to improve your bio, and gigs description…,
Sorry to say this…, but right now your gigs is not attractive at all.
Just like a newbie trying something new to get money…,

Just see and learn from your competitor first.
and for bio and profile picture…, also need improvement
For example: PP is much better with white background. It’s makes you looks more professional.

Wish you luck,


Thanks for the tip brother.I will fix everything today itself :blush:


@kdvlogger At the same time I suggest you to promote your gigs on every social media platform. It will increase your views and impressions. Best wishes for you.

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Sure bro,I was going to do it because my competitors gig description is not professional and yet they have so much orders,I think i have less visibility because i am a new seller.Thanks for the reply :blush:

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You are most welcome😇 Hope for the best🥰

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