I am a new seller how can i get more order


hello good morning, i am a new seller i do high professional translate English to Italian and many more language plz tell me how get order afreen


Welcome, you should share your gigs on social media platform,
Do buyer request and just keep patient You will get success.
Best wishes.


For a new seller the best way to get orders is using Buyer Request until the seller gets some good amount of reviews.


You are welcome to fiverr.
Use the buyers request section often.
Also do some social media promotion or shares. It helps a lot.


thank you brother


thank you brother


thank you for helping me.


Suggest you do not address others as brother, mate, dear, buddy, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

Definitely not to be used when replying to Buyer Requests!


Honestly speaking there is no specific way to get order,but you can try it in different way like making youtube videos,post your skills and services in different groups,research the best selling gigs,hope it may help you.


You can share your gig any social media. then you’re got touched your job from fiverr clients. best of luck …


thank you for give a good think


thank you:slightly_smiling_face::blush::relaxed::blush::slightly_smiling_face:


thank you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


you are most welcome. thanks again.