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I am a new seller, i need some assistance please

Hello I’m a new seller.
Please i need suggestions from experts, i received an order 2weeks ago and i was givem 4 star rating, since then am unable to response to buyer request and not getting any order again, and also i got clicks but no orders, please i need your suggestion

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You don’t need expert advice as these are not complex questions. You need to research.

We’ve been asked all of these questions hundreds and hundreds of times.

You won’t succeed unless you take the time to learn more about how Fiverr, marketplaces and sales works. The information is there if you look for it.

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That’s why i join the forum to know more about all this things

Then use the search button and start learning.

The forum isn’t here as a replacement for research. On the contrary: it’s a library and the resources are here if you look for them.

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Okay, am new here that’s why…its fine now

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