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I am a new seller. I want to increase my gig sales

I am a new salesperson. I am working on digital marketing. My gig is on the first page. But no buyer is ordering me to work. Yugayog is not with me at first. I get buyer sms after many days. How can I increase my gig sales.

please help me

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If you are a digital marketing specialist shouldn’t you be the one advising others on how to build your brand to get more targeted Channels of sales?


I am not advising anyone. My advice is progeny. How can I increase my gig sales?

All four of your gigs are marketing and promotional services. @mariashtelle1 is correct, why are you asking us how to earn sales here, when earning traffic and sales are the very services you claim to be skilled in – and those are the skills that will make any seller more successful.

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I totally don’t understand what you are trying to say here :thinking:

You are. You are selling that service. That means that you are advising your clients on how to do it.

you should already know how to generate sales even for yourself. Especially for yourself. Can’t you do for yourself what you are offering to do for your clients?