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I am a new seller.I won't to get some orders

Hello everyone, I’m new to fiverr. I’m glad to join this. So I’d like to get an order from everyone. Please go to my gig and say thank you for it. If anyone needs help please let me know.

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Hi there.

Beside your gigs performance, communication skill is important here in fiverr.
and based on what i saw on this post …, you are lacking here.
Plus…, your account name " GAMER" ???
What are you? a child who is like playing games?
People want to work with professional seller, and i doubt “Gamer” is the right choice.

Your gigs is very common. BACKGROUND REMOVAL, TATOO , every new designer offer this services. Unless you have other skill, you will have really hard time getting order.


Thank you for your explanation. I will work to correct the shortcomings you have pointed out.

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