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I am a new seller in fiverr and i want to know how to improve my gig

How to improve my gig


You make your gig image very beautiful and more attractive, Then your gig impression will increase

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The following tips could be very helpful for you:

  • Make your gig a specialized/specific service not a general one
  • Enable the “SEO TITLE” field for your gig (if not used already)
  • Choose the right keywords that represent your service (how to: Open fiver as buyer search for a keyword that you think can represent your service, Fiverr will show some suggestions, those suggestions could be the better keywords for your gig)
  • Use the selected keywords in your git title/description and pricing description (but don’t overuse them)
  • In order to improve your gig impressions, try to be online more often, that’s a great opportunity for new sellers to land their gigs on top of others (when a buyer searches with the online filter)
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i am also a new seller in fiver i finished 27 days in it and i didnt get any work from it… how can i get order???

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At first you make your gig image attractive. Secondly select relevent related tags/search keywords. Finally, keep your fiverr account open 24 hours.

Do keyword research for every gig before publishing it. Use those keywords for the tags, so that when some searches it might likely to appear.

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@arjunjraj123 After writing the best keywords and everything else, you may not get impressions at first. The best chance for your gig impression, is when buyer searches with online-seller filter and you are online at that time. So, in short try to be online more often.

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thanx for your great suggestion