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I am a new seller in Fiverr. Please Help me

I am a new seller in Fiverr. How Can I get Order?


Welcome to the fiverr forum
Instructions on how you can get orders
There is’ here 1
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You can follow this to get more orders:


You can send out link of your gigs in social networks.
It helped me a lot.

Hii buddy, Even I’m new seller on Fiverr, trying hard to get my first order. I can give you some suggestions, which I read on Quora and various blogs:

  1. Describe your gig in genuine way, what actually you will do, take inspiration from fellow senior seller’s gigs and make one for your gig.

  2. Offer client some additional or unique services with that gig, which are not offered by other fellow sellers.

  3. Use all 5 keywords in search for your gig, so that your gig view-able if any client searches for specific that gig.

  4. Focus on your skills and try to showcase your skills by doing sample works for gig and arrange them in gallery.

  5. Keep eye on “buying requests”, On dashboard click “More” -> “buying requests”. Here you can send offers to clients.

  6. I think trust is what client requires while ordering gig. You can build this only through your gig initially. So, build trust, write your gig originally. Be genuine.

  7. Try giving tests for your skills. e.g. Like I design presentations so I gave MS powerpoint test.

  8. Promote your gig as much as you can. Build one blogsite or wordpress site (free). And showcase your gigs samples there. ( For what I’m planning to build a free wordpress site for my presentations.)

  9. Make a video for your gig (even Fiverr says, it improves 40% chance), you can use online free animation movie makers for listing your services and giving your voice in background. Or simply use powerpoint. There are many ways you can do this (if searched online).

  10. Do offer as much services for your clients in your package initially. Don’t put any hidden charges.

  11. Having more than one gig ( chances increase, as of now i have two!)

I will add If I read or got any new tips. These are what I think important, If you have any suggestions please tell me friends. Do visit my gigs and give me your suggestions. We can improve all together by helping each other.
Keep sharing,


You can share your gig on social media. I helps you to get more impression and click and you may get order soon. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


THIRD BE PATIENCE :slightly_smiling_face: .

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thanks alot for your suggestion

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, bro

many many thanks for your tips

Many thanks for asking this question! I am also a new seller in Fiverr and reading all your tips are extremely helpful :+1:

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First of all you need a best possible presentation of your skills in your profile. One form of it is showing the best work of you in your portfolio images, with the best possible presentation. Secondly make use of 10 offers for the buyer requests section and offer the best price for the projects available, keep in mind that with the best price I doesnt mean the lowest. I hope it helps. Thank you

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To get orders you have to stay online and send 10 offer for the buyer requests…i hope you will get orders soon if you are skilled… Wish of best of luck

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Thank you so much for your suggestion

It doesn’t across as professional I advice you don’t mention it again to anyony Most of in Buyer Request otherwise this mistake will put buyer off.

Be patience!

welcome to the fiverr forma.
share your gig in social media. increase your gig IMPRESSIONS try to active 8 hours minimum everyday

Keep in your head the words “I never give up” and you will win :pray:

Welcome to the fiverr forum. Promote your gig to social media networks.

Read the forum’s tips

Send the buyer requests

Use the correct tags and topics

Stay online with your account

Last but not list here is a good topic on it. Hope it will help you. BTW I’m a new seller too with a single 5 star review and a running project which I just got today. Best of luck:star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

Staying online doesn’t benefit you in any way. Please, don’t waste your time focusing on staying online when there are so many more important things you should be doing instead.

Think about it - if you opened a cafe, and you stayed open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday… and nobody came to eat at your cafe… would you respond by keeping the cafe open 24/7 just in case someone came?

It’s not a cage business here. Why a buyer hit an order to a seller who is not online when he/she need. Continuity is the most important one. Obviously you can make a schedule with client after getting order but first time you must be online whenever buyer want you to message for the first time.

I don’t think that there have any client who want to wait for you when you will be back.

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