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I am a New-seller in Fiverr so that i am confused

I post my first gig about 2 days ago. Then i share my gig in social media & talk to my brother(new seller but already finished 2 order) and my mentor for suggestion. They suggested me to change many things in my gig description, tittle, pricing, faq etc. In first two days my gig impression was good and i got one click also .But today only four impression but no click. should i delete this gig and open a new gig or wait for some time ? Any solution ? Please tell me the right way what can i do now . i am totally confused.


Don’t worry! Keep patience. The result will come soon. No need to delete.

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Stop seeing the world in such simplistic terms, black or white, 0 or 1.

Everything is a spectrum. Things take time. Changes can cause a gig to be offline until it is checked.

I assume you understood the changes suggested to be good ones - otherwise why make them? Trust.

Freelancing is not a do one small thing and make a million activity. It is a journey of small moves over a whole lifetime. Anything worth anything is like that. Understand how this process works, not by looking for simple answers like staying online 24 hours a day as they will be silly and dangerous.

The things you need to learn are more like the equivalent of Christianity’s Ten Commandments, Buddhism’s Eightfold Path. I am not sure what that equates to in Islam (assuming you are Sikh?)

  • Find what makes you Great at a thing. Never sell a thing you are not great at as that breaks the call to treat your neighbor as yourself, right livelihood, holding god/love/life above all else.
  • Make a Gig that shows how you are a great solution for people who have the problem that matches what you are great at.
  • Answer any call you see for help with an offer to solve that problem for the person, not for you. If you only solve your problem, you create more problems. Serving the customer is serving life/god.
  • If the person does not want your help, move along to someone who wants to be helped. Equally, move along from anyone who sees making you less (or dead) as the solution to their problem. Offer help but only to those who value life.
  • Constantly look to improve what you do. Not to make more money but to be a better servant of what life needs of you. If you do that, what you need from life (not always what you think you want) will be there. God helps those who help themselves.
  • Always show gratitude for what you have already and what you can do both today and tomorrow.

That mindset can never see you too far wrong. Thinking life is 0 or 1, lose or win, can only lead to pain.


Thanks for your reply.

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Who is this “mentor” you are taking advice from, and where did you find them?


I’ve got the same problem, buddy( Maybe it will be useful Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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Thanks for your advice. Its very helpful and motivated me a lot. :relaxed:

I am doing a course from an institution, I showed it to the person who showed me all this work .

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@andrey835 Its helpful to me. Thanks for mentioning the post link also :relaxed:

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When you edit your gig, you will loss your gig rank. You can delete and create new but do not edit gig.

This is not exactly true as what you indicate is that any edit removes rank - totally ignoring things like gigs completed, feedback etc.

Ranking is not a static thing, it varies for each enquiry. An enquiry for “purple fish” will rank a “I will paint purple fish” gig better than a “I will sew you purple curtains” gig simple because it is more relevant to that enquiry. An enquiry on sewing curtains would rank the curtain gig but not the fish gig at all as it is nothing to do with curtains.

Deleting a gig detaches the reviews (they are still on your profile) so a new gig has nothing in the way of customer feedback (except whatever your profile might bring and we don’t know as these algos are quite rightly secret).

Editing a gig may drop it off being fully public for a while but it doesn’t lose anything for you once it has been approved again. Unless of course you changed to things that will make it all about sewing purple fish curtains!


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I will speedup,improve,optimize wordpress website increase page speed

  • You need to put space after those commas. Otherwise, the system won’t consider them as separate words.

  • Focus on grammar and meaning first. Or hire an editor. Stuffing keywords into your title won’t help you much.

  • Make it shorter. Check what it looks like on your profile page. People should be able to understand what it is about before they click on your gig.

…and that’s only about your gig title.

Good luck.


Don’t worry. As you edit your gig, you have to keep patience. After one time your gig will rank again.

Thanks for your advice :blush:

Also, check this out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!

I think you should change your photo not looking good . and put smile pic