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I am a new seller in fiverr

how do I get the order for the first time at a fiver , no single orders for me

I have a couple of advices:

  • Write your gigs in English and Indonesian.
  • Provide plenty of examples of your work.
  • At the beginning, invest in getting many positive reviews. This means offering your work for much less money than it’s worth. I see you offer portraits but you charge upfront 10$ with 5 days delivery time and 2 revisions. You should offer the same portrait for 5, same day delivery and unlimited revisions, commercial use and editable file included. By offering a really great value for the money you get your first customers. Don’t plan on becoming rich just yet. You need to obtain a few positive reviews for people to trust you for more money. Take it as a business investiment.
  • Take a look at Buyer’s Request section and see if you can offer really good deals to buyers there.

Good luck.

Please read the tips from here.

You don’t need to post this as a comment in other forums. Your original video-post forum should be sufficient. People can watch your video there.

I thought it was highly relevant to the OP. My apologies.

It’s not an issue of relevance, so much as it is one that borders on spam. I know you’d like as many people as possible to see your video, but it doesn’t need to be re-posted in multiple forums. Focus on making the original video-post thread a valuable part of the Fiverr forums.

Read these tips:

I hope it helps.

Thanks for the advice,i really like it,as i am also very new in Fiverr,kindly see my Gigs,your advice is important for beginner,but i am afraid how i increase my price in future,since i offer least price in starting,
look forward to hear you
Thanks & Regards

Tarik khan

Don´t worry about increasing your prices later, new prospects won’t mind as they will not know how much it was before, all they will see is your list of positive reviews, as for returning customers, if they are returning it is because they appreciate your work and won’t mind paying more. If they do ask you about the increase, you can always say that you have improved your service or that they originally benefited from a launch price. Maybe you will have to give them a discount for this time only. Hope this helps overcoming your fear :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,Great Job,Highly appreciate
have a good one.

thanks all for respon,
I was greatly helped

I am also new seller, and I have the same problem. I had only 3 orders for 1 month.
Is that normal ?