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I am a new seller in this platefoum. How can i get order?


We all know that , (Buyer request) option is only one and best option for (new sellers) on fiverr.
So I am do that regular but don’t get any order.I am very upset for that.Can anyone give me more sugestion for get order?
I am (3D SPOKESPERSON) .I have proper experience about explainer videos .thanks for all viewer.


Hi @dreammakers110
Welcome to the Fiverr community!

It’s quite rare for new sellers to get an order the day or the day after they create an account. It took me a month and a bit to get my first order. Promote on social media, add a portfolio for each gig of your previous work, add a video to your gigs, always stay online on Fiverr and of course, send offers on buyers request regularly.

Hope this helps :smile:
Welcome again and I wish you the best of luck!


@geniusbar2046 thanks a lot my dear :kissing_heart: