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I am a new seller on fiverr and need some suggestions from fiverr users

This is my Gig LINK and I just want some suggestions from an experience fiverr user about my gig improvement.

Thanks in advance😊


I am not sure but for me, way you used stock image of random woman looks bit ummm… scammy. For me it’s better to use your own image or just don’t use stock image at all. For me stock image + ugly font choices looks like fake pop-up ad on to_rrent sites. You can hire people to make your gig images look more professional with just 5$. BTW use all 3 images to showcase your previous works.


Thanks for your comment

here are some tips you may follow to continue

  1. try to invest your time in the Fiverr forum as much as possible
  2. try to market your gig
  3. try to quick responsive in terms of buyer request
  4. share your profile on social media but remember the traditional way of sharing will not impact your performance.

Thanks for your comment :relaxed:

This statement is not true. Fiverr forum is a community you can help each other and share your experience. Other than that forum does not help you to get orders or ranking. Thousands of top-rated sellers never even post anything here. don’t mislead people

If you keep spam your gig on social media, you’ll end up banning your account, so be careful. Without a good ad campaign, your social media posting is not going to affect you. read TOS before you run your ad campaign


Thanks for your comment :slightly_smiling_face: