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I am a New Seller On Fiverr, Can you advise if i am doing something wrong

Hey guys, I’d really appreciate some feedback.

I’m a freelance wordpress designer and I’ve recently been trying to drum up more leads for my business.

I’ve just set up a gig on Fiverr, and since nothing is really happening I was hoping I could get some feedback from this community.

*Here’s the gig:

Any ideas why it’s not converting? Any help is appreciated.


Well, to start with, you have 24 Copyscape hits for your gig text. That means that you stole part of your gig text from someone else, as have 24 other pages on the internet, including at least 3 users here on Fiverr - that’s not a good look, it’s not only unethical, it’s bad for your SEO. Go back and write your own gig text, for starters.

Secondly, are you trying to land a husband or are you trying to sell your services building Wordpress websites? You have absolutely none of your work in your gig, but you have 3 glamour shots of yourself. I don’t understand how they have anything to do with your capabilities. You wouldn’t hand over an 8x10 photo of yourself instead of a resume when you were applying to a job, right? So why do it here?


Umm this is a really crowded arena. I think someone else said there were over 50,000 WordPress gigs. That is a lot of noise.

Now I appreciate that you have taken a different approach, being the prettiest WP Dev in the world but is that really wise? Do people hire an IT professional for how great they look in a red dress with a timely southern wind gust? I will say probably not.

Your looks are what they are but if you trade on them you are making clear that your IT skills are not your strength. Use the video & images to show websites we can be confident you made. Right now, while cute, the video shows nothing about your actual Gig.

You cannot offer 30 days of free support that is against TOS - we had this conversation here recently. It is also really unwise. Just delete that stuff incl unlimited revisions.

Also look at your package grid as I think it makes no sense with higher gigs seeming to have less stuff.

You are more expensive than most. Good on you. Just really prove why you are worth this.


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Probably 3 stolen “glamour shots” from the internet too, because, you know, hot chick pics always get orders here.


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same problem is mine. I don’t know why I didn’t get any job and my impression down day by day.

Thank you so much for guidance.

hi everyone,
can anyone tell me what to do ,because my rating is less than 4.7 so i cant send offers to requests
what whould i do .

I think it’s because there are only about 350,000 others doing the same sort of Gig here.

What makes your service better than the rest?

I’m serious.

Is it because you have certifications that say you have these skills?

Is it because you are only charging $70?

Think over what makes choosing you the better option and promote that in your Gig.

Be different.

Stand out.

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