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I am a New seller on Fiverr Provide Digital Marketing service

Hey There
I am Mahafuz from Bangladesh. I am a new seller on fiverr and i provide Digital Marketing service. Please suggest to me for got first order.


hey bro i’m also from Bangladesh nice to meet you here.Keep sending buyer request hope you get an order soon!

Nice too Meet you Mitu. Thanks for reply to me and your suggestion.

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@mahafuz_bd My pleasure bro best wishes for you.

Hi welcome here…

Hi bro… Welcome to fiverr forum… Best wishes for you…

Hello Brother!
Congratulations and best wishes for you.


Welcome to Fiverr. Best of luck :heart:

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Welcome to fiverr! I’m also from Bangladesh.
Here is some tips for you. Start with your profile and make It attractive by explaining who you are and what you can do, then go to your gigs and try to offer something you are very good at (e.g Web Design) and put good Images or video that describe what you are good at and what you can do. Now you are ready to make some offers by going to Buyer Requests section, you’ll see some buyers are requesting service related to what you are offering In your gigs, send them a good proposal with good price and short delivery time, then you’ll get some orders soon! Getting your first order as a new seller maybe take time, so have some patience and keep your eyes on Buyer Requests section because It’s the easiest way to get orders. Wish you good luck with that :blush:

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Hi there, awesome now you’re selling on fiverr please keep bidding everyday wish it do it every day marketing your best seller gig #happy_freelancing

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Hi bro good luck.Try buyer requests and try using keywords to rank your gig even more

GIG marketing is key to success.
You are providing digital marketing service.
You should apply first your service for yourself to reach your targeted customer by gig marketing.
It is very simple to understand.

If you get sufficient order by your marketing then you will able to understand that your service is good and your client will be happy with your service. Because you will promote your client’s products or services and sell those to other customers by your digital marketing service.
So proof yourself first that you are a digital marketer by promote and sell your gigs.


Wellcome to Fiverr forum. All the best

Thanks bro… Now I got new more inspiration for my work from your speach.

Hello @mahafuz_bd,
Welcome and best of luck for the future in fiverr

Hello… Thanks for welcoming me.

Thanks for welcoming me.

Thank you for feeling the correct thing from your mind. I hope it will take you to your goal. Best of luck.

welcome, have a great future

hey bro i’m also from Bangladesh nice to meet you here. i am new also. and i’m looking for video editing project.