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I am a new seller, please help me

i am a new seller at fiverr. I have experience of 12 years in logo design. But i am confused how to create my gig description. please guide me with some suitable sentences what experience i show.
moreover how can i make my SEO so that my gig appear at first page?

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You can see other seller GIG description and take an idea from those gigs BUT Remember Never Copy anything.

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I’d recommend you search for a “Copywriter” gig. They write “copy” (ads and promotional materials)

You tell them what you want in it, and what it’s for, and they write well-worded promotional material.

12 years!!! such a great experience person… check some gigs related logo design and get some idea and then make your own gig…but remember never gonna copy someone gig! it will cost you.!

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i am a new seller and my gig view 1.1k. but no order .what can i do?

thanks for reply
please check my gig description. can this is better description?

Respected Client,
Here is no convincing argument and logic, as a professional is known for his work based on experince and knowlege. An innovative and original work is timesless and unique. I design a business card simple, heart catching, versatile, appropriate for its intended purpose and up to the demands of modern time. I work honestly, devotedly and passionatly. I am an expert and skillful in all types of business card designs. business card design is the identity of a company. A successful Business Card is effective when conveying brand message and image. I have an experience of more than ten years in graphic design. Here you can get a perfect and modern business card in a very short span of time. Your business card is your personality.
Shortly, I do all types of business card for your brand.
I will refund full payment in case you are not satisfied with the final.

Thanks, eye_creative {this is no copy & past }

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thanks, I hope it will be helpfull for me.