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I am a new seller ! Please review my gig whether it need any changes

I’ve registered on fiverr 3 week ago, and put some gigs up for logo design and video ad Would you guys mind checking them out to see if there’s something wrong with them? I didn’t get one single order yet. I’m really disappointed. And this things are letting me down. Please help

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can I have a link please?

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Create more gigs it will help you in showing buyer request. Send buyer request
be online. Wish you best of the luck:)

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Ohh sure…

Thanks…I’ll be on your advise.

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Hi rawat_deepak,

Welcome to Fiverr!

Don’t be disappointed. Your mindset needs to change. Fiverr is a very competitive platform. All sellers who are highly successful level 2 and TRS sellers right now had struggled at the beginning too… In fact, quite a few of them got their first order only 2 months after they created their account. And now, they are very successful with several orders every day!

So, don’t give up hope… PERSEVERE! The initial steps to establishing your Fiverr business might be the most difficult part. Fortune only favors those who don’t give up hope and constantly try and improve their gigs (by gaining knowledge from Fiverr forum posts or from help and education center) and work hard to stand out in the competition.

I also noticed that another helpful forum user had suggested that you create more gigs. However, before you do that, I’d highly recommend that you carefully go through Fiverr’s ToS (if you haven’t already) because there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind even when you are creating new gigs or it could get you in trouble real quick.

Happy Fiverr-ing! :sunny:

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Thank u so much…as now u boost me up, I’ll definitely keep in mind ur advise… HAPPY FIVERRING!!! u too.

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