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I am a new seller, tips for a beginner

Hello everyone. I am new on this site. A couple of days ago I created my first gig. I studied the forum well and used all the useful tips when creating my first gig. I would like to know how much time it took you from the moment you created your first gig to receive a real order. How much a quality gig affects the receipt of an order, because I often see 5 star gigs with a terrible filling and very good gigs without reviews and orders. Thank you for the attention. I would be very happy if you take a look my gig and advise me something useful to improve it:

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If you stay fiverr most of time. you will receive order.

@illustrjk I am also very new here. I also look forward to hearing from other members :laughing:


Welcome to fiverr family …
I am also a new seller. Nice to meet you bro…

Welcome. I’ve been on Fiverr for a few weeks now. And zero orders. Not even any clicks on my gigs.

I’ve tried editing the gig descriptions to make them more interesting. I’ve had friends click on them to see if some activity helps boost my visibility. I’ve tried a lot of things, but nothing. I’ve seen nothing.

I think you really have to promote your gig through social media at first. To get some orders and get some activity. Otherwise, your gig might slip through the cracks.

Good luck though. Hopefully you find more success than I have found.

Thanks for this, Frank - last time, when you made the videos, I radically changed one of my gigs. It worked.

@brianna_taylor @zulfiker_tr hello there
@eachdave I think you need to have a little luck to start receiving orders here. A good portfolio is not enough for people to trust you.

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Yes … U right…

success will come soon