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I am a New Seller What The Terms Condition tell me Anyone

What I am doing now at a foram tell me about that


your question is not clear.

Did you mean “what should i do now in Forum”?

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Yap like that…

read different topics everyday. you will learn many things.

try to help others by replying on their posts.

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If I am there spent more time what’s benefit for me?

It sounds like you request mind reading.

You find yourself on the forum but do not know why.

So you need others to explain to you why you are here.

Am I understanding you correctly?


I am not clear about that

I am not clear about it either, neither you, nor myself, why either of us are here.

It’s the age old question “Why am I here?” for which there is no answer.


I am spend the more time s on Fiverr foram wha benefit for me?

That’s one I am not clear

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Probably no benefit. Maybe you will learn a few new things? I don’t know.


you can share your fiver experience in here and also read another seller topics that’s way you can learn many thing.

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If you mean how does the forum work: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

Take some time to have a look around. You will learn a lot here.

Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face: