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I am a new seller! :)


Hello, everyone! I started using Fiverr yesterday and I would like to learn more about it.
I can do any work in Microsoft Excel and Word and I also translate any type of texts from Romanian to English or vice versa. I didn’t receive any orders yet, but I still hope I will.
I will be grateful if you can give me some tips to promote my gigs or any other tips that would help me.
Thank you very much for your attention!


You are welcome to the platform. It’s pretty simple; There are promotional messages you receive in your email from Fiverr. just read each post from getting started to understanding the full functionality.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


I started with the people who I knew best: friends and co-workers. Often they are more than eager to help “prime the pump” by ordering your gigs and leaving feedback.


Spirit. :slight_smile:
Prove all your skills and give the best to your buyers.


congratulations biancaardelian


be active on fiverr and be professional to the buyers


Hi, Welcome to Fiverr.
First of all, (don’t feel bad) but I found your GiG description a bit unattractive. The pics are alright to attract people but you can work on the description. And I thinks you will have to change your Profile Pic as well for better results. Then head over to Buyers Requests and you perhaps know what to do… :+1:


Thank you all for your attention! I am very happy to find nice people in here! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the fiverr, I wish you best of luck. Just few things i would like to mention here.
1- Promote your gigs on social media, there’s option to share it on twitter, facebook, google share etc. You must use that option, it gives your gig an exposure.
2- Be polite to the buyer and reply them as soon as you can.
3- Make sure buyer knows what they’re getting for $5, little misconceptions can get messy at times.
4-Hopefully you will get sales soon, if you unfortunately don’t, Make use of the forums, tweak your gig title and tags and hope for the best. (At least give your gigs up to 10 days or more to see if they’re working)
Best of luck on the absolutely best freelance platform out there!


You are welcome Here
really this is best place for online working
i got really awesome and Nice people here
who always help the other
and provide tips so that new seller get order
Fiverr is just Like a family


@biancaardelean welcome to fiverr!

I hope you enjoy your time here. Some advice Take a look at the fiverr academy. And promote your gigs on social media.




It’s so great that you check it! Sometimes it’s hard to find opinion from someone who you don’t know!:smiley:


My pleasure. And for your current profile pic, you might like a bright or florescent colour background as the Profile pic look matters a lot in BR and can easily attract buyers to your request offers.


Thanks! So as more bright, more interest. Correct?:smiley:


I am also new here, I hope you make sales soon


welcome buddy hope you will do better.


Thank you! Good luck! :blush:


Thank you so much! I wish you too the best!