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I am a new transcriber here and there are no buyer request to send proposals

Hello People,

I am a new fiver transcriber and I didn’t got any order till now plus I couldn’t see any buyer request for the service I am providing. Tell me if I am going in a right way? Does the platform does not have any requirement for transcribers?

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thank you

The declared levels of accuracy seem too low (from 70% to 90%). Ideally you should stay between 95% and 98% but you can’t guarantee percentages upfront.
90% indicates that there have been issues such as stuttering, people talking too fast or talking at the same time or mumbling. Over an hour it’s 6 minutes of inaccurate/missing information, that’s quite a lot.

The url of your Gig does not match the title of the Gig.


Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) for helpful information.


Hello Pacquo.

Thanks for looking at my gig and reply me. as you said I have made some changes in my gig. Here’s a updated gig link:
Please give it another look.


I will look at it.

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It’s worse than before. The descriptions of two packages now don’t match the number of minutes. The URL of the Gig still mentions 30 minutes, while the title says 40 in 12 hours and, again, this does not correspond to your packages. I would left out any reference to the accuracy percentage and any reference to a delivery under 24 hours. Note that to fix the URL you have to delete the Gig and redo it from scratch. As it is, it may lead you into trouble for the simple reason that you promise one thing in a point and a different one in another.