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I am a new user and i just posted my new gig

Hi guys, i am a new user on fiverr and I recently posted a gig, would you tell me how will I get an order?


You can earn sellers by promoting your gigs elsewhere online, or responding to buyer requests in the Buyer Request section.

Be willing to work hard. Sales are not easy to obtain (nor should they be).


Congratulations and all the best…


Read, read, read. If you use the search :mag: feature you’ll find a bunch of gold nuggets to get you started.

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Your profile says you’ve got an English degree from the University of Cambridge. But just below this entry, you’ve spelled the word “grammer” wrong.


You should fix that.


Me also new here how to make earning

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Good for you. Welcome to Fiverr.

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Thanks you sir how did to get an offer

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Have you read the information Fiverr already provides on this topic? Have you read the “Help & Education” section of this site? The link it at the bottom of any Fiverr page.

Please take responsibility for your own knowledge. You have the ability to research and read about how Fiverr works. We’re not going to do everything for you.


That’s great. But you should create your own topic and not hijack the OP thread.
Read, read, read you’ll find a ton of topics here to get you started. :pineapple:

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okey thanks you much much

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