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I am a newbie freelancer

Hellow Everyone!
I’m new to fiverr I have previously worked in different companies but due to this pandemic I am starting my work from home routine. Can you guys check my gig? If I need any improvements.

Mahab Khan


@mahabkhan19 welcome to fiverr frist & optimize your gigs!

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welcome to fiverr forum you need to optimize your gig.

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Hello bmsurujuddin!
Can you tell me how can I optimize my gigs?

Mahab Khan

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Hello Sarkar20202,
How can I do that?

Mahab Khan

same to you :innocent:

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such as title, description, tag use your related services!


Welcome mate !!!..

Welcome to fiverr forum community

Thanks. I had posted 2 gigs in Fiverr. But no response.

Welcome to Fiverr. Please follwo below steps every day-
Submit 10 buter request every day.
And try to be online for maximum time.
Promote your gigs on social media sites

Welcome to the community.

welcome dear [mahabkhan19

Check other gigs who are already doing a good job on your category, then compare with yours. Now improve you and your gig (Images, tag, Title, Description, etc.). Then share your gig on social media in a proper way. I hope you will get order soon.

Best wishes dear.

Great to know. Hope you get orders soon.

see other seller gig in your category and try to make a good gig also try to send some quality buyer request…
you will definetly land your first job .thanks

Thanks for your valuable advise. I will follow these tips. God bless you. I am also experiencing difficulty in finding new customers.