I am a newcomer in Fiverr my account was restricted


My account was restricted for my placing a buyer request
and Earning icon was not appear on the right top side
Please help me any suggestion.


You weren’t restricted for placing a buyer request (unless you were asking for something that is illegal). I think, perhaps, you were actually restricted because you tried to advertise your seller gigs in the Buyer Request section. That is, most definitely, wrong. We call that spam, and Fiverr hates spam.


Thank You so much , Yes i am placing my gigs, i dont understand. How can i remove this please suggest me.


If your gig was restricted, you cannot “remove it”. Do as Fiverr instructs, and move on. You did something wrong, and you were penalized for it. Own it, and don’t do it again.


As Jon said, it’s not allowed to advertise your gigs/services in the Buyer Requests page.

Now you can go and submit a ticket to Customer Support, maybe they’ll reinstate your account and give you a second chance to prove you’ve learned the lesson :sunny:


Thanks my gig was not restricted but my account restricted. Can i send you my gig link?


There’s no need to send him your gig link, Jon is a seller like you and has no power over your account or gigs.

Only CS can help you reinstate your account if they deem fit upon your ticket submission :slight_smile:


Ok Thank you so much.


That’s unfortunate.

Why? What do you expect me to do? I am not Customer Support, nor can I un-restrict your account. If Fiverr restricted your account, only they can un-restrict it.