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I am a presenter on a rock and metal radio station and I am starting my voice over business on fiver!


Hi there,

yes, I love rock and metal, so much so that I now have a show on Total Rock. woo-hoo!

Many people have told me that they love my voice, so I have decided to give voice over a go. I thought that fiverr is a good place to start my journey into v.o, so here is my gig! If you want me to read your text with a bit of a French accent, here is where you can find me.


Hey, this is so cool hahaha you have a lot of business to work with here, I’m happy to read this little post.


thanks for your enthusiasm! Let’s see if anything happens…


Well, I think here is about “make it happen”.
I’m new too, and have been trying with different gigs, creating a better image with each one.
Keep doing!