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I am a professional designer

I am a professional designer how to get permanent clients ?

I’m sure you can get returning/repeating clients every now and then,
but I think it’s going to be hard to get a permanent one…
If you work hard enough and give away killer offers, it might be possible though??

I found a designer I love and return to him often. He first gave me what I asked for when I sent him a message, without ordering, and he just sent it to me. It was so perfect I paid for it and tipped him and have used him since. He has at least 25 orders in his queue at all times and stays incredibly busy. Once someone uses an amazing designer who is polite, communicates well and does amazing work they have no reason to use anyone else.

You should start by bidding in “Buyer’s Request” section. Most people get there first order from “Buyer’s Request” section but keep in mind at the start keep your prices low and showcase good work.