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I am a professional graphic designer but I am new here

Hi there,
I’m Abdul Hannan.I’m a professional graphic designer. I have 3 years of professional experience in Adobe Photoshop, photo editing, photo retouching & background removal and etc. I am working design professionally with fast delivery.

My Goal is Buyer Satisfaction. Here is my gig:- [ ]



Ok, where do I start?

Professional graphic designers do not just remove background from photo or Photoshop retouch.

Second, professional graphic designers do not use photos taken from internet in their portfolio.

Third, to be able to call your self professional you need to have college education in the field or past experiences and work with established companies.

You are just a person who owns Photoshop, laptop and PayPal|Pioneer account and wants to make money on overcrowded market of freelancing.


Hello ma’am,
I am new here, now I am starting a small budget gig offer after I create more gig and more services, I have completed 200+ work another market place.

Abdul Hannan

Where do you have your portfolio from? Your pictures are all over the web. Most customers will do a quick google search on your portfolio items. You should put your own, unique work in your portfolio. If you don’t have something which you have done for a customer, do some especially for your portfolio.

You cant just take other peoples work and disguise it as your own.

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Thanks you so much, for your speech!

welcome to fiverr platform. wish you good luck. keep trying regularly.

Thank you so much, thanks a lot

Welcome to fiverr forum… Best of luck for your new journey… :balloon:

@athoi123 @zakir_developer Do you read replies on the topic at all? Did you not see he took others people photos and put them in his portfolio? You wish him good luck? In what? For what?

Why are you blind folly typing without reading?

welcome to Fiverr platform. keep moveing

Dear Ma’am,
sorry ma’am. This is my work but photo is other person that’s is problem ma’am.

ma’am, kindly tell me what is my problem, then i modify this.

Abdul Hannan

Welcome to fiverr forum…

Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you a successful start. :partying_face: