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I am a professional logo designer but no view in my gigs, no order

NO view in my gigs, no order . please why? i need answer

Here you go:

If you seriously do not know what you are doing wrong, I don’t think you are ready
to work here.
One thing I will point out is that you have only one sample for your logo gig,
but what bugs me more ( and makes potential sellers walk away) is the fact that it says
"level 2 seller" on your image for your other gig, which you are not.
You are lying, and if that image belongs to another person, that’s called stealing.

As Zeus says, one of your gigs images is one problem and is the beginning of several. Your VA gig image violates the Terms of Service which is not a sign of a “professional.” If Fiverr removes it or bans your account, you certainly won’t have any sales.

Part of that image is stolen from a company called Speaktoit, Inc. and you’ve altered the name of their app from Virtual Voice Assistant to fit your gig. That is outright copyright violation and theft. In addition, you putting a level 2 badge on it is entirely dishonest. Altering it doesn’t make it yours and putting the badge on it doesn’t give you a level. I suggest you change it before the Fiverr Trust and Safety and Risk Management teams have time to read the violation report.

This post also does not belong in this category, but perhaps leaving it here will show any other seller that theft and dishonesty is not taken lightly.

Edit 1/10/16: I see that you removed the stolen image and I’m glad you did that. I think you are getting some good advice from others. I agree with those who are seeing that you need more strong sample work for your logo gig. Otherwise, you are at least moving in a better direction. Now that this post is no longer needed as an example, I’ll move it to Improve my Gig where hopefully you will continue to get helpful tips.

Make yourself ready to work first.

Apart from the violations mentioned from the other users, you might need to develop your gig(s) description further. I know mine took ages to get it to an acceptable standard and I had lots of people from here help me so it wouldn’t be too hard to ask for help.

all what other people said…plus the logo sample you have is just modified logo template from graphic junkies, which just makes you be viewed as not professional Logo designer… Make your own logo, few of them and describe your service better.